Original Artwork for Sale

by Robert Kelzke
*Almost all artwork for sale at Kelzke Art Gallery Sales has been created
by Robert Kelzke, most photographs are from his photo library of images
created over a lifetime of creative observation, capturing a moment in time.
Commission your own digital painting or illustration

Commission your own digital painting or illustration *Kelzke Art Sales can take commission orders for creating original paintings and illustrations off your o​wn favorite photographs, digital or prints. 
Old photos can be retouched and converted to digital files to create original one of a kind artwork masterpieces of your choosing, loved ones, grand parents, children, husbands, wives, girl friends, boy friends, ancestors, pets, cars, motor bikes, buildings, houses, gardens, landscapes, events and favorite places. 
*Price on application. 

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*Out-sourced contributors to photography used for creating digital paintings and illustrations will be given due recognition and credit in the text relating to a specific artwork created from their photo.
Regular contributor to Robert's work is his son Daniel Kelzke.
Kelzke Art Gallery Sales also offer for sale pieces of original artwork owned by Robert Kelzke.