Original digital paintings and illustrations 
by Robert Kelzke


Kelzke Art Gallery Sales offers a collection of original Robert Kelzke Artworks for sale. Original digital illustrations, abstract impressionist paintings supplied as prints (framed or print only), A large range of colours, themes, effects and treatments designed to provoke an emotional response and compliment an array of home or office decor requirements. From subtle to loud vibrant statement pieces, browse the Kelzke Art Gallery for inspiration, Kelzke Art Gallery Sales features original digital illustrations and abstract impressionist painting topics - Erotic Art, Abstract Art, Motor Sport Art, Formula One Motor Sport, Bathurst V8 Supercars, Horse Racing, Melbourne Cup, Sports, AFL (Australian Rules Football), Portraits, Famous People, Hollywood, Musicians, Seaside Art, Landscapes, Fauna, Flora, Lifestyle, Events and People in general, so we are sure you will find something you love, can afford and will make a discerning statement on display in your home or office. Small to large wall display artworks are available for online sales.


Robert Kelzke is a Germ​an born Australian citizen (born 1959, Berlin, Germany, immigrated to Australia in 1960). Robert Kelzke is the Creative and Managing Director of KG Advertising Melbourne and has over 40 years of advertising, graphic art design and industry experience behind him. In business precision, commercial reality, costs and deadlines determine creative outcomes, in Robert's free time he cuts loose from the shackles of commercial reality artistic restraints to create original digital and hand painted artworks... no limits, no budgets, no deadlines, no stress, 'Art for Arts Sake'.

As an artist I think abstract impressionist

Whatever ignites my imagination, sparks my attention at any given moment in time is captured with a photo and 'artified' to a digital illustration or digital painting. Not everything I create is digital, when the mood hits me I dabble in abstract painting.
I get distracted easily, I need to finish an artwork promptly or it will never see the light of day, I create on impulse, in that moment I am a liberated artist and my mind is set free.

Art should liberate and breath freshness to display spaces, open the mind to interpretation & appreciation.
Art cleanses my mind, soothes my soul and sets me free to do whatever, whenever.

Robert Kelzke

Digital Artist and Photographer

Erotic Abstract Paint​ings

Original Abstract Impressionist Digital Paintings by Robert Kelzke

Abstract Art Paintings

One of a kind Original Abstract Paintings by Robert Kelzke

Motor Sport Paintings

Original Abstract Impressionist Digital Paintings by Robert Kelzke

Formula One Motor Sport Paintings

Original Abstract Impressionist Digital Paintings by Robert Kelzke

Australian Rules Football AFL

Original Abstract Impressionist Digital Paintings by Robert Kelzke

Horse Racing Paintings

Original Abstract Impressionist Digital Paintings by Robert Kelzke

Seaside Paintings

Original Abstract Impressionist Digital Paintings by Robert Kelzke

Commission your own digital painting or illustration

Kelzke Art Sales take commission orders for creating original paintings and illustrations of your favorite photographs, digital or prints.

Old photos can be retouched and converted to digital files to create original one of a kind artwork masterpieces of your choosing, loved ones, grand parents, children, husbands, wives, girl friends, boy friends, ancestors, pets, cars, motor bikes, buildings, houses, gardens, landscapes, events and favorite places. *Price on application, enquire via our website contact form.


Purchasing Original Kelzke Art

Robert Kelzke original digital illustrations, paintings and photography can be purchased print o​nly, dry mounted or framed. 

Robert Kelzke original digital illustrations, paintings and photographs are print to order and not volume printed. 

Robert Kelzke original digital artwork prints, photographs, paintings are hand signed and year dated for authenticity and ​future valuations. 

*Many original digital image files can be purchased outright and in doing so will ensure no further reproduction or printing of that image variant will be offered for sale by Kelzke A​rt Gallery Sales. 

Robert Kelzke always retains the creative intellectual property of his works. *Conditions Apply. 


Phone: 0449 590 669 
(Melbourne Victoria Australia)

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