Seaside Jetty Seaholme - 11

Seaside Jetty Seaholme 11 is an original abstract impressionist digital seaside landscape painting by Robert Kelzke.

Size: A1 – 594mm x 841mm

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Marilyn Monroe Actress - 
Digital Abstract Impressionist Painting
by Robert Kelzke 2021
for sale

Robert Kelzke Digital Abstract Impressionist Art

Original large format AO 841mm x 1189mm size digital abstract impressionist artworks by Robert Kelzke designed to provoke an emotional resp​onse and compliment any home or office decor requirements. From subtle to loud vibrant statement pieces browse the Kelzke Art Gallery for inspiration, we are sure you will find something you love.

Direct Gallery Sales or Custom Orders Taken
Self Portrait - Robert Kelzke
Digital Abstract Impressionist Painting
by Robert Kelzke 2020
for sale

About Robert Kelzke

Digital Abstract Imp​ressionist Artist

Robert Kelzke is a German born Australian citizen (born 1959, Berlin, Germany, immigrated to Australia in 1960). Robert Kelzke is the Creative and Managing Director of KG Advertising Melbourne and has over 40 years of advertising, art design experience behind him, in a business that precision, commercial reality, costs and deadlines determine creative outcomes in Robert's free time he cuts loose from the shackles of commercial artistic restraints, no limits, no budgets, no deadlines, no stress, 'art for arts sake'. Robert is a digital abstract impressionist artist that converts digital images/photographs into original artworks as well as dabbling in many other forms of artwork creativity, with many of his artworks being available for sale.

Art should liberate and breath freshness to display spaces, open the mind to interpretation and appreciation. 
Art cleanses my mind, soothes my soul and sets me free 
to do whatever, whenever opportunity presents itself.

Robert Kelzke

Interstellar Scaffold Collapse

Original Abstract Painting by Robert Kelzke

for sale

Famous Actors Art

Original Abstract Impressionist Paintings 
by Robert Kelzke

for sale


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